Our community meeting room and our Genealogy Room are available for use by community groups. An application is required to use the rooms.

Photograph of library meeting room with 3 tables surrounded by chairs an a large window and a TV

How many people can the meeting room hold?
With tables and chairs set up, the community meeting room can comfortably accommodate about 35 people. With chairs only, the room can comfortably hold about 55 people.

Small groups of four people or less can also use our Genealogy Room for studying, tutoring, videoconferencing, or quiet space.

What are the rules for the meeting room?
Please see our full meeting room policy here before submitting your application.

What technology is available in the meeting room?
When you make your reservation, you can request a laptop and/or projector, or use the provided TV monitor in the meeting room.

How do I book the room?
At this time, our meeting room schedule is not available online. Please call us at (804) 443-4945 to schedule your meeting and submit your application.  A meeting room application form is available here.